TreeTop Haus View

Treetop Haus Fall Special

TreeTop Haus View

TreeTop Haus View where you feel like your living in a tree house.  Jasper Lake is just beyond those trees and about 60 seconds on foot.

Treetop Haus is a unique place to stay that may remind you of your  childhood days spent building forts and hideaways only with much nicer amenities and a bathroom.   Whatever your motivation to steal away may be, there is no doubt being in the Treetop Haus is an entirely different experience than “ground living” among the mere mortals.  It can be your place of refuge and retreat, for peacefulness and quiet reflection or maybe you’d like a simple, vacation in a nice place up in the air.   We don’t know.   Many of our guests seem to really like it up there.

This is an apartment-style unit located above the lodge commons.  No one lives below and it is a very quiet rental.  One bedroom with two daybeds in the living room makes this a good unit for two adults and two kids.  Up a flight of stairs and the reason for it’s name, you can hear the creek and make it to the main beach in about a minute.

Reg weekly rate is $699 or the nightly rate $117 for the first 2 people. $10 a night extra up to 4 people.

Now Only $549 weekly rate or $89 a night for the first 2 and $10 extra a night up to 4 people.

Includes a motor and motor. (weekly value $175 or $35 a day)

Call us at 1-800-280-1078 to make your reservation.

Cabin #6

Cabin #6 Fall Special

Cabin #6

Looking up at cabin #6

Cabin 6 – Popular cabin for up to 6 people with three bedrooms housing one double and four twin beds.  Located creek side and about one minute from the beach area.  Handmade cabinets.  Deck and gas grill.

September Offers

$1099 weekly rate for 4 people* or $183 a night for the first 4 people.  Motor weekly rate is $175.00 or $35.00 a day. (*$10 a nite for extra people)

Now only $799 weekly rate or $134.00 nightly rate for 4 people or $129 a nite just for 2 people.

Boat and motor included

Call 1-800-280-1078 to make your reservation.

Cabin #5 Fall Special

Your cabin with a view  where you will be enjoying the sunrises, sunsets and the loons singing on Jasper Lake.

Cabin #5 View

Your view from your cabin table.

Cabin 5 is a stunning, cozy cabin for two overlooking the beach area and nestled into the side of a hill.  Large windows provide a bird’s eye view of the outdoors without actually leaving the cabin.   New knotty pine interior, handmade, hand painted cabinets and charcoal grill.

Cabin # 5 Deck View

Cabin #5 Deck view of Jasper Lake

August 22nd-29th

Weekly Rate $949 or nightly rate $158 (2 ppl)

Now $699 a week or $109.95 a night.

Boat and Motor included in this offer.

Call now to reserve this week for two!

Cabin 5 Video

Bug Status: August 21, 2015

Do you know how many bugs are out right now?


I haven’t seen a bug for days.  In fact, I kind of miss them.  I suspect our guests do as well.

Do you know how many bugs will be out for rest of August and all of September at Northwind Lodge?


What will the weather be like for the next 40 days?  Some rain here and there but the days will be in the 60’s to the mid 70’s and high 40’s to the mid 50’s at night.

If you can handle nice days, no bugs and good fall fishing for big bass,  northerns,  and bluegills in clean water with hardly any people around, give us a call.



Birding With Lori at Northwind Lodge – Who Knew It Could Be So Much Fun!

Wilson's Warbler

Wilson’s Warbler

As the summer winds down in the North Woods so does migratory bird watching. The Warblers are getting prepared for their southern decent to their winter home. As our group heads north from Illinois for our late summer fishing adventure, I may be fortunate enough to view a few birds before they are gone.

Two years ago we came up to Jasper Lake as usual, for our fun fishing frenzy. The first few days the Warbler were everywhere in the trees and shrub.  The Worm Eating Warbler, Wilson’s Warbler and the Pine Warbler were all easy to spot. The next day GONE. I was disappointed to say the least. Over the winter months I perused the idea of heading to Jasper Lake and Northwind Lodge in the early summer when the Wood Warblers would be active and singing. So I called Joe and booked a cabin for mid June. My mom and I packed our field guides and binoculars and headed north, leaving the other three of our fishing party at home. Nope-no fishing this trip.

We were not disappointed. Not only could we bird watch taking short outings down Fernberg Trail (which is really a road), we birded right out our cabin window while eating breakfast. The small warblers would stop by for a few seconds on a branch or pine. The Redstart, Black and White, Yellow Rump, Blackburian, Chestnut Sided, Northern Parula, Cape May, Nashville, Yellow, Magnolia-warblers all. They abound in the North Woods. Not to mention the beautiful Purple Finch. With the cabins surrounded by trees there was never a dull moment during the day light hours. In the summer those hours are quite extensive. In fact I’m not sure if it ever truly got dark. In the evenings we would sit by the window and play cards, which would take us longer than normal due to the fact that if a bird landed, down would go the hand and up with the binoculars for a closer look at the small creatures.

I’ll try some imagery here: Imagine sitting on a cabin deck, bacon frying on the stove, coffee in hand, listening to the soft song of the woodland warbler. A creek is running in the background along with the calming sounds of the lake. A morning summer’s breeze is whistling through pines. Just sitting-waiting for a view of the songbird working its way through the trees.

Ok Birders have I sold you yet? I should also mention our other sighting:  The Common Loon with it’s sorrowful call, the Bittern (which I thought for an hour was a stick, the American Bald Eagle (mature and immature), the Commom Merganzer,  the White Throated Sparrow, the Song Sparrow nesting, the Veery,  the Downy Woodpecker, the Brown Thrasher, the White Crowned Sparrow, the Blue Heron and the Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker, Blue Gray Gnatcatcher and Flycatchers of different varieties one being the Phoebe.

In a few weeks our fishing group will be heading north again for our FFF (Fun Fishing Frenzy) The warblers won’t be there but my memories of June will be. By the way I did fish a couple hours (literally) in June and pulled in a nice Large Mouth Bass and a 6 Northern Pike. I’m not allowed to add those to our FFF contest. HA!

This Excellent Blog Post Written by Lori Wilson

Polka Time at the Beach

Nothing says “fun at the beach” like a polka in northern Minnesota.   This is my dad playing the song that I remember most as a child growing up, the Tick Tock Polka.  I was always fascinated at how loud his accordion was back then, and like comfort food, that particular polka is very meaningful to me.

My Dad learned how to play while still a 12 year old kid and I remember the story of how when he was in the army in Korea, some of the brass found out that he could play and they miraculously dug up an accordion for him.

In this video of 2015 he’s now 83 years old.  So, for as long as Northwind Lodge (Jasper Lake Resort) has formally been a resort in Lake County, my dad has been playing his accordion.

That’s a lot of history at this Minnesota resort.

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Dog Portraits are Done

I’m happy with the painting overall, but could not find the right light to photograph it so I settled for the rear bumper of our truck.  It’s a grey day today and this painting needs a bit more sunlight for a good pic, but this’ll have to do.
resort dogs

Resort Dogs – Delilah & Cookie



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