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Treetop Haus Internet Special

Apartment style unit located above the lodge commons.  No one lives below and it is a very quiet rental.  One bedroom with two daybeds in the living room makes this a good unit for two adults and two kids.  Up a flight of stairs and the reason for it’s name, you can hear the creek and make it to the main beach in about a minute.

August 5th through August 10th.

Weekly Rate Reg $799.00  Now Only $599.00 for the first 2 people, $50.00 a week for extra people up to 4.

Nightly Rate $133.00 as night for the first 2 people Now only 99.95 a night, $10.00 a night fort extra people up to 4.  A 2 night minimum is required. 

Boat and Motor Rental is up to $175.00 value that’s included.

All new reservations and taxes not are included.

Call now 1-800-280-1078, 218 365-4512 or 5489.

Current Bug Report – July 4, 2016

One of our guests came in yesterday and asked “where the bugs were?”   Another guest came in later and said he got a mosquito bite and looked a little rattled by it.   I replied to him that if one can count a single mosquito bite and know exactly where it occurred on one’s torso, then the bugs are completely gone.  He didn’t appear very comforted by that statement, I think because he expected me to jump up and down about his single, solitary, mosquito bite.

In summary, regarding the bugs in Ely, Minnesota:  What bugs?  Mosquitos are few in numbers, and if you can count them that is like no bugs at all.  Deer flies and horse flies are out and they are infuriating little buggers.  Killing them brings me great satisfaction.  But, they come and go depending on the temps and humidity levels its seems.  Black flies have been gone for about 2 weeks and with the exception of a few really active days, they made a modest impression on the world up here.  Noseeums are out from time to time and if you wonder why you suddenly developed and itch on the back of your hand or arm, it was probably one of those. They were out yesterday while I worked on a trailer for the 4th of July parade to haul The Painted Canoe of Ely to Ely which will be happening in about 1.5 hours.  Gotta get there at 10, wait in line until 1 PM and then drive really slowly through town following the guy in front of me.  Noseeums look like super tiny black flies are are hard to see.  They make me itch for about 30 minutes which is irritating but not debilitating.  To date for this summer, I have seen three ticks.  Two on me and one on Delilah.  All of them are dead – the ticks.

So, I expect the bugs to become even less in the next few weeks until they are all but gone for the entire month of August and all of September.  If you were to come to Ely right now, unless you are a “safe-space-seeking” Millennial ( or whatever group that is – I can’t keep track), the bugs amount to a hill of beans.  Swat ’em in a blind rage and move on with your day.  Enjoy the satisfaction that only killing a mosquito, deer/horse fly, noseeum, and the occasional jackpine beetle can bring.  Dang jackpine beetles don’t seek out humans and bite really slowly when they do.  We don’t know why they bite because they eat pine trees not mammals.  If you are not paying attention, you’ll feel a building intense pressure wherever they bite.  But, again, that is a really infrequent occurrence even when you live here like me but you don’t forget it, however.   They have a squeezing bite that will make you sit up and take notice.  You swat those with your cap and grind them into the dirt with your foot when one lands on someone you like.  If you don’t like that person, don’t tell him and sit back to watch.

Bugs – I wouldn’t worry about them.  I haven’t used bug dope since early June and that was for two whole days.  Don’t be a wimp and worry about dumb stuff.  There is an entire wilderness up here needing visitors to come see it.

Into The Brush – Fall Rates & Dates

Into The Brush - Saving the Future of Wilderness - One Stroke at a Time

Fall Program for Into The Brush

Into The Brush – 4 Day Program includes 6 lessons (12+ hours instruction)
Includes:  All art materials to complete Small canvas, Rock, Glassware Piece & 
Art Inspiration 2 – Complimentary Wilderness Day Hike

In The Brush Program Cost per person:  $260

Lodging Rates:
Mixed Party Cabin Rate per person:  $207*
Private Cabin Rate per person: $267*
Couples Cabin Rate per couple:  $417*  This rate also includes a boat, motor and gas at no extra charge. 

We also will customize a program to fit your needs, just call us at 1-800-280-1078. 

Into The Brush – Four Day  Program Dates:

August 20 – 23,   Noon Check Out
Registration Deadline is June 11 – Balance due Deadline June 25

August 24-27,   Noon Check Out
Registration Deadline is June 15 – Balance due Deadline June 29

September 3-6,   Noon Check Out
Registration Deadline is June 25 – Balance due Deadline July 9

September 7-10,   Noon Check Out
Registration Deadline is June 30 – Balance due Deadline July 13

September 17-20,   Noon Check Out
Registration Deadline is July 9 – Balance due Deadline July 23

September 21-24,   Noon Check Out
Registration Deadline is July 13 – Balance due Deadline July 27

September 24-27,   Noon Check Out
Registration Deadline is July 16 – Balance due Deadline July 30


Schedule Guideline. Note that this should be easy enough to follow but stuff happens.  This is Plan A.  Due to unforeseen events, we may need to change it up a bit to Plan B and reserve the right to do so.  Weather is the biggest challenger.

Day One –  Check in.   Evening Lesson at 7 – 9 PM

Day Two – Morning Lesson 9:15 AM  to 11:45 AM  Evening Lesson 6:30 to 8:45

Day Three – Morning Lesson:  9:15 AM to 11: 45 AM,   Artistic Inspiration Complimentary Hike  1 PM to 3:30 PM,  Evening Lesson 6:45 PM to 9 PM

Day Four – Final Lesson: Finish up, 9:15 AM to 11:30 AM.  Check Out – Go Home and buy a frame, bake your glass and hold down paper with your rock

*Sales/Lodging Tax of 9.875% is extra on all cabin rentals



Into The Brush – Week Long Program (30+ hours instruction)
Includes:  All art materials to complete provided Wooden Sign, Small canvas, Rock, Glassware Piece plus  Art Inspiration 1 -Complimentary Canoe Half-day Trip,  Art Inspiration 2 – Complimentary Wilderness Day Hike, and Wednesday Evening Campfire.

In The Brush Program Cost per person:  $549

Lodging Rates:

Mixed Party Cabin Rate per person:  $349*
Private Cabin Rate per person: $489*
Couples Cabin Rate per couple:  $899*  This rate also includes a boat, motor and gas at no extra charge. 

Week Long Program Dates

Aug 27 – Sept 3,  9 AM Check Out
Registration Deadline is June 18 – Balance due Deadline July 2

September 10-17,  9 AM Check Out
Registration Deadline is July 2 9 – Balance due Deadline July 16




Week Long Itinerary  

Check In Day – Saturday  After 3 PM  – Welcome, get settled into your cabin and Northwind Lodge.

Sunday – Morning Lesson 9:15 AM  to 11:45 AM  Evening Lesson 6:30 to 8:45

Monday – Morning Lesson:  9:15 AM to 11: 45 AM,   Artistic Inspiration 1  Complimentary Half Day Canoe Trip  12:00 Noon to 4 PM,  Evening Lesson 6:45 PM to 9 PM

Tuesday – Morning Lesson 9:15 AM  to 11:45 AM  Evening Lesson 6:30 to 8:45

Wednesday – Morning Lesson 9:15 AM  to 11:45 AM  Artistic Inspiration 2  Complimentary Half Day Hike  12:30 PM to 3:30 PM,  Private Study,  Evening Campfire 8:30 PM

Thursday– Morning Lesson 9:15 AM  to 11:45 AM  Evening Lesson 6:30 to 8:45

Friday – Morning Lesson  9:15 AM to 11:45 AM.  Independent finishing up.   Final Lesson:  6:30 PM to 8:45 PM

Saturday – Check Out by 9 AM.  Go Home.  Frame Canvas, Hang Welcome Sign, Bake Glassware, Put Rock on Paper

Please READ – Deposits – $250 deposit per person is required at time of registration which must be before the listed registration deadline for the time you want to come.    This deposit is non-refundable and applicable only to the event for which you registered.  The balance is due for lodging & art program 8 weeks prior to the Check in Date of that specific event and it is also listed next to the scheduled events.    Refunds are not issued after the 8 week deadline for any reason.   You may send someone else to take your spot if you are able.    Class dates with less than 3 paid artists in the Into The Brush program for that time will be cancelled.  Deposits for a particular class that has been cancelled due to low participation will be refunded.

Scheduling Difficulties?   Families/Groups/More – for special dates that may work better for you, please contact us and we’ll look at availability!   We may be able to move things around if you meet the minimum of 3 participants in Into The Brush.  Doesn’t hurt to ask.  218-365-4512 or

Note: Northwind Lodge/Ely Art Company reserves the right to adjust/change/modify Into The Brush program information when deemed necessary to correct for typographical errors or omissions should they occur.  We also reserve the right to make adjustments for weather for safety and comfort concerns.  Not going to paddle or hike in a typhoon.   Might have to move days/times around as determined at the time of the scheduled event.


Paint about it – Into the Brush

Into The Brush – How I Started Painting

Into The Brush – I believe you CAN!

Into The Brush – Painting & Wilderness

Into The Brush – Goals

Into The Brush Rates & Dates

Current Bug Reports – June 2016

Today’s Bug Report

While working in and out for much of the day, I killed one sand fly (black fly is the proper term) and saw 4 mosquitos of which I killed two.  That means that there are two mosquitos most likely lying in wait preparing to ambush tomorrow’s guests when the arrive.

What should you the visitor to Ely, MN   take away from this current bug report?  If you can count the bugs, they’re not much of a threat.  Now, a few days ago, there were 552,347 sand flies out when I was working on my lawn tractor and shooting the bull with guest and friend Mike Perlich from Indiana.  Of those we killed 63 and they in turn drew a short pint of Mike’s    blood.  On me,  not so much because I had a very specific and effective bug spray on that is designed for repelling biting flies.  It’s not N-n-diethlymetatoulimide (DEET) which serves as a masking agent for mosquitoes specifically.  The stuff we sell has two fly repellents that actually repel flies.  Do you know how we confirm that bugs are low?  We’re not selling this specific bug dope by the wheel barrow load .  We are the only place in Ely selling it and we do have an army of regulars who buy a bunch when the bugs a biting .  Now, either everyone is selling it (not) or the bugs aren’t really wicked.  The dope sales tell a lot.    Bug dope.

Noseeums- nah…mosquitos- couple…black flies (sand flies)-few and variable.   On the water-no bugs.  Ankle biting flies and deer flies aren’t here yet. That’s in July.

Don’t worry about the bugs.  Not that big of a deal right now.  Maybe tomorrow they’ll help us walk, but I doubt it.

The fish are biting out on Jasper, loons are calling, the birds are signing.  Come up an visit us.

Come Stay, Come See – Pack it all in?

I have to laugh a little.  The world, under digital “assault” and influence has become a bit silly in how it seeks recreation these days.  I’m referencing the “need everything/do everything that-can-be-fit-into-a-day” crowd who kindly call to find out more about making a reservation to stay here at Northwind Lodge.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about anything but I am marveling at what appears to me to be either a really high set of vacation expectations or a complete lack of common sense or a little of both.

We get calls from new guests who want to stay here at the lodge.  Many times, they are only willing to commit for two nights.  That’s fine – we are very happy to get them here to see what they’ve been missing for all this time.  But, in the reservation process, with knowing that Check In is usually 3:00 PM or later and Check-Out is 9 AM, two nights and about two days is not a lot of time.  Heck, you just get here and it’s time to go already.  (We hear that all the time.)

The interesting part is the initial phase of making the reservation.  Now everything is laid out in the website as to available activities here.  Nonetheless, I think they just need to hear a human say the activities roster on the phone.  As a result, they want to know what species of fish are in Jasper Lake (Large/smallmouth bass, sunfish, northerns, perch and some walleyes) plus they want to know what they are biting on (three weeks into the future – OK, we’ll guess), and if they will be catching fish (another guess – Most Certainly, Sir! – 6 to 10 hours).

Then, many need to know what the hiking options are (Blackstone/Secret Trail – 3 hours, Kawishiwi Falls Trail 1 -hour, Bass Lake Trail 3-hours) and how difficult/easy they are.  Then, they want to know what there is to do in Ely (Wolf Center – 3 hours, Bear Center- 3 hours, shopping in Ely – 3 hours).  Then they need to know what dining options there are in town (Italian – Sir G’s, Nouveau – Insula, Chocolate Moose,  American-Evergreen Restaurant, Rockwood, Steak House Gators Cheese Emporium,  Fast – Dairy Queen, Subway, and a few others I’m forgetting here.  Each restaurant will burn up about 2-3 hours of time.

After that, they need to know if they can fit in a Boundary Waters Day Canoe trip to an area that will have few people (Sure, how fast can you paddle?).  That’s another 6 hours minimum.  Many times, they will need us to rattle off all the entry points (Moose Lake, Snowbank Lake, Lake One, Ojibway Lake, Fall Lake, Wood Lake) that surround us for their consideration before deciding to pull the trigger on a two-night stay here at the lodge.

OK, at this point, knowing that it is two whole nights and about the equivalent of two daylight days, you may want to do the math and add up some of the hours.   Usually after that barrage of questions in making time-management decisions, we see people checking in, going to town to have dinner, and oversleeping the following morning by about 2 hours.  At about 11 AM, they are up and around saying they “usually don’t oversleep like this at home”.   Then, some head down to the lake and sit in the Adirondack chairs and look out across the water.  Others head out in a kayak and enjoy the day.  Then, they come in for a sandwich and later, check out our store and then take a nap.  Then, maybe a hike on the gravel road to Ojibway Lake and it’s time to grill a steak and have a beer or glass of wine.  Then a nap before bedtime.  Maybe sit by a fire at the beach.

After that, they wake up the next morning and have to check out at 9 AM.

I grew up right here and for 48 years have observed this going on for all these years.  In my opinion, two nights at a region like this is  great, but doesn’t quite hit the mark for the vast majority of vacationers.  In pre-trip decision making,  one needs to realize that in fresh air surrounded by the incredibly beautiful area called “Ely” and particularly at Northwind Lodge, the activity list usually gets chucked and time speeds up, even in a week long stay.

So, in making plans to run all over the state in a week-long whirlwind tour, give that some thought.  It’s not Wally World and Youtube and in reality,  you most likely won’t be getting a heck of a lot done in just two nights.

Stay a bit longer, plan on wasting a few of  your days snoring.  Then go paddle and hike and fish and shop and explore.

Painted Canoes and Worn Out Shoes

Just met a soft-spoken, unemployed civil engineer who, five years ago, decided that sitting around worrying about his lack of employment due to the “Depression’ was not getting him anywhere so he started to walk across the country.
He’s walked the eastern seaboard from Key West to Canada, some Pacific trail and several others. He was now walking from Missouri (his home and where his wife is located) to New York following trails and connecting roads. He had one midsized pack on his back and a couple of hiking poles with some serious miles on them.
I wanted to find out if he was a little nuts because he looked a little light in gear for the Kekekabic trail which is a four-day adventure in rugged terrain.  I had recently spoken with a deputy sheriff from Lake County who had to go in a few weeks ago to rescue two guys who only brought with them a battery operated GPS (and no map or compass!!!) which they lost by dropping it when crossing a fast-running creek.   It was fresh in my mind what can befall someone on the Kek trail when they get lost or the weather goes south quickly.  I didn’t want to see another guy get himself in trouble, hence the reason for my questioning his preparedness and mental state.  I figured I could always call the sheriff’s department once he was out the door and they could catch him.

After a bit of conversational questioning and general Iron Range nosiness, I found out that he refers to the current recession as the Depression and doesn’t believe it is actually merely a recession.  I also saw that he had the correct maps and a smartphone.  He claimed he had a satellite emergency notification system (like a Spot), a GPS and plenty of food tucked in that pack.  He sounded sensible, not overly certain, and quite capable.  It was after all that when I found out he was a civil engineer by trade.

The Painted Canoe of Ely

The Painted Canoe of Ely

I mentioned that “my walk across the country” was in that canoe resting upright on sawhorses before him.  I explained that with the depression and increased competition for even less discretionary dollars, retail business slowed down in our store so dramatically that starting last June I fell back to my one ability that nobody can take from me.  That would be my ability to paint.  I pointed to my painted canoe and told him that the silver lining in terrible business is that I was afforded the time and opportunity to  do something really different and The Painted Canoe of Ely was born.  For just over two months and almost 400 hours of work, I painted this aluminum canoe with the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness -past and present-  to the best of my ability to make something unique to Ely that hopefully people would travel to see.  It became my obsession, my Sistine Chapel.  And while Michelangelo easily runs astronomically large circles around me artistically (it’s really close to zero comparison), he never painted a canoe.

I told the hiker that this was the very first thing I ever painted in my life in which my end goal was not to sell it.  I’ve pretty much sold every piece that I ever painted, but this canoe was different for me.  I was very happy that I was actually able to do this and am quite content with the outcome.

He walked around the canoe, pausing and bending to examine the detail of the various scenes as they changed along the freeboard.  He mentioned the 3D effect that some of the trees had along with the  depth of the images.  I attributed that particular effect to painting on aluminum.  Painting on aluminum offers a visual presentation that stretched canvas won’t touch, I explained.  I can’t quite figure out why, but it just does, and I really like it.  He appeared to like it  as well.

painted canoe of ely

The Painted Canoe of Ely

He then asked if he could snap a few photos and wanted me to stand alongside the canoe for one of them.  He said that he would never have guessed that walking for hundreds of miles and a chance following of a dirt road would lead him to see something like this work of art out in the woods.  He seemed glad that destiny led him down this path and added that he was sure blessed to be walking across the country like this because this life experience was one that he couldn’t even imagine prior to actually doing it.  I offered that one just doesn’t get to find the great things and people he’s found/met while traveling in a car.  He agreed.

With that, he shook my hand, looked one more time at the canoe and told me that I’ve “certainly made a lot of lemonade”  and continued on his way.

May his journey continue to be safe and worthwhile.  It was an interesting mid-day for me.

Basket O’ Loons Gift Set

Own a piece of northern Minnesota with a fun gift basket from Ely, Minnesota!

Get two beautiful and unique glass mugs hand painted by Ely artist Joe Baltich of Northwind Lodge, Red Rock Wilderness Store, and sole artist of Ely Art Company!  Included are a 4-pot assortment of delicious Gene Hicks Coffee in a basket with pine cones picked right next to Jasper Creek at Northwind Lodge!

You can’t get any more authentic than that!

Makes a wonderful, thoughtful gift drenched in real wilderness from, you guessed it; real wilderness at Northwind Lodge on Jasper Lake!

These will be available in limited numbers so order your Basket O’ Loon Mugs today while you can still get them.

loon mugs in a basket

Basket o’ Loons Gift Set from Northwind Lodge

 Cost is $69.95  with FREE SHIPPING!  Applicable tax is extra.

For this extra-special gift made in Ely, Minnesota, Order Online Here