Current Bug Reports – June 2015

It’s June 13 at 7:10 AM and I was out looking at a canoe that I’m repairing for a private customer who had a tree try to destroy it.  I have the canoe suspended using c-clamps, rope and a board and then about 100 lbs of rock sitting on the deep crinkles while I impatiently wait for all the global warming we’re supposed to be having as was predicted in 2008.  I need sun, preferably hot sun, to help reform the hull from a discarded candy wrapper made out of kevlar and epoxy resin back into it’s closer shape of a Souris River Quetico 18.5.  Yesterday, it hit a temperate 77 degrees F.  Today is more of the same.

What I did notice is the lack of morning bugs.  No mosquitoes to speak of and also no sand flies (local-ese for black flies) and no noseeums.  Last week, the noseeums were out like crazy but they seem to have passed through.  Two guys came in from a canoe trip of 6 days and five nights and they said they never even used insect repellent for their entire Boundary Waters canoe trip.  In the evening, you  see a few mosquitoes but definitely nothing to write home about.  I did have my first deer fly bite last week which was really early and I killed him.  Haven’t seen another deer fly since.  Also, we have a large crop of dragon flies hatch really early this season.  They eat bugs that eat humans for sport, plus they are very interesting bugs to have around.

To sum up – bugs are a majorly minor issue this season.  Plus, the weather is too nice.  75 F by day and 48 F by night.  We’re having a repeat of last summer with less bugs.  Darn….

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