Our Rental Cabins – Everybody Knows Everything

A few weeks back, one of our new cabin guests checked in and commented on how he really liked our cabin videos because he was able to get a feel for the cabin choices.  He’d chosen Cabin 7 for his stay. When he and his wife arrived, I did what I’ve been doing for years for our new guests and gave him a tour of the cabin.   It only takes a minute and when I was through, he said “Just like in the video.”  I thought that was kinda cool, but didn’t fully grasp what it all meant and I also felt a little redundant.

Today, I took large new party who had rented three cabins and did the same thing.  They arrived ready to pay for their cabin up front which is our general requirement but I usually like to show the cabins first.  In Cabin 2, I was giving a quick history as to why the whole cabin felt a bit crooked and a lady filled in my sentence and then said “Hey!  You’re the voice on all the videos!”.  Again, that was neat but I didn’t grasp the full meaning.

Our cabin videos are pretty simple and a bit shaky because I’m just running around doing very impromptu shots in each cabin with no tripod.  Sure, we could have opted for a slicker presentation with sharper vids by hiring a guy with a professional camera and a large tripod.   Then we could have done some scripts and hit all the key points with a minimum of “ummm’s-ahhh’s and stammering.  That’s all nice and probably holds a lot of appeal to many but that’s not how I roll.   I like the “more real” feel sometimes.  It appears that many of our guests do as well.

All of our cabins have unique features to them from their interiors to their locations around the resort.  Having individual videos really seems to address many new guests concerns and questions in advance.  It has only taken me until now to realize that.  Hence the reason for so many of them coming in ready to check right in and begin their vacation.   They’ve already seen their cabin.

Everybody knows everything before they get here.

You can watch our cabin vids Here

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