Nebo Flashlight – Tactical LED Light and Laser

This is a pretty cool light.  Of course, it is an LED unit plus it is “tactical” which means that the front is sharp and perfect for gnarling up the face of an assailant.  The light is bright, and they blink and there’s this little brass circle in the middle of the lens which makes it interesting.  That part is a laser.  It’s a really bright little laser and while I’m not entirely sure what it is for, I see no reason to NOT own one.  You never know when you you are going to need a laser.  This light also does something cool if a laser is not cool enough for you.  You hold the “On” button down for 4 seconds and it goes into SOS mode which is  …—… for SOS.  I finally read the instructions and discovered that little snippet.

When we’re not trying to get rescued at Red Rock, here’s what we like to do with a Nebo laser:   Order Yours here – Limited Supply

Watch the video here:

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