Into the Brush – Program Goal

Into The Brush - Saving the Future of Wilderness - One Stroke at a Time

Program Goal

Learn the basics of painting, and composition on canvas, glass, stone in a wilderness theme.   By the end of this experience, students should be able to walk into an art store and have a pretty good idea of what they like and want to do with confidence independently.    We want to hear “I can do that!”

All painting materials included.  You just need to show up.


Program Experiences – These vary with 4 or 7 day Program – weather dependent so this is a guideline and not set in stone.

  1.  Artistic Inspiration 1 – Wilderness Day Canoe Trip
    Experience wilderness in a nutshell as all 5 of your senses come alive in the unbelievable beauty that surrounds us here in northern Minnesota!   3- 4 hours on the water with the art instructor (me).   Includes all canoes, basic canoe handling instructions for water & land, pfd’s, paddles, transportation to BWCA entry point for gear.    Need to bring: Small day pack,  light rain gear,  lunch or snacks,  beverages, digital camera – smart phone works,too,  sunscreen and appropriate clothing for the temps.  Toe-covering footwear.  No flipflops or Teva sandal types.  Running shoes or light hiking boots OK.  Long pants recommended.  You’ll need to adapt clothing to current weather weather conditions.  If weather is bad prior to the trip, we will reschedule – flexibility is key.  Moderate exertion will be required and there could be bursts of greater exertion needed.  Wind can pick up on lakes at any time.
  2. Artistic Inspiration 2 – Wilderness Day Hike – Walk on land to experience wilderness on a more micro scale to develop a keener sense for that which makes every painting more intriguing and deeper in artistic input.  2.5 to 3 hours  View overlooks in deep woods.  Rugged terrain.  Moderate exertion.  Closed toe footwear required.   No flip-flops or sandals.   Long pants recommended, not shorts.  We will be in deep woods traveling on foot.  Gun for bears optional (Kidding.  No guns needed.  All we have to do figure out who is the slowest among us and outrun them.  Again, kidding!  There will be no running. We’ll just tie the slow one to a tree and walk away.)
  3. On non-travel days/activity days, painting will be in the morning and evening.   9:15 AM to 11:45 AM and  6:30 PM to 8:30 PM  Fridays mornings are independent study.
  4. Wednesday Night Campfire – Come sit around the campfire to watch flames dance in the dark while they light up the rocks and shadows that surround them.  Marshmallows optional.  Guess what we’ll be painting on Thursday morning.
  5. Live Bear Painting – We paint him blue and add stripes if he’s not too ornery.  This is for the advanced class.

Accommodations Available at Northwind Lodge.  Stay is not required to participate in Into The Brush program:
Housekeeping cabins with kitchens provided, running water (in pipes, not all over the floor).  Basic cooking and eating utensils provided along with Gas range, electric refrigerator, BBQ grill, microwave, coffeemaker, toaster.   FREE WIFI.  (Please check out the cabin videos to see what they look like inside.)    All bed linens, blankets, pillows & cases provided.  Must bring own bath towels, paper towel, food, personal effects.  If you need espresso, you’ll need to bring your own espresso maker.

For Painting Classes,  an old shirt as a cover up for painting is recommended but not required.

Fishing - Into The Brush

Non-Class Guest Activities –  If your husband or wife comes along but is not in the actual class this is what they (and you when not painting) can do.   Being that this is at Northwind Lodge, there’s that whole resort experience thing:

  • Self-guided kayaking and canoeing on Jasper lake with several kayaks available on first come basis at no charge.
  • Fishing on Jasper Lake with boat that comes with cabin.  Motor rentals are available by day or week.
  • Wednesday Evening Campfire.  Bring yourself and a bag of marshmallows to get sticky around the fire place.
  • Relaxing with a book at beach in adirondack chairs at the beach.
  • Swimming at the beach.
  • Shopping at our store Red Rock
  • Visiting Ely for the International Wolf Center, the Bear Center, dining, and shopping.


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