Basket O’ Loons Gift Set

Own a piece of northern Minnesota with a fun gift basket from Ely, Minnesota!

Get two beautiful and unique glass mugs hand painted by Ely artist Joe Baltich of Northwind Lodge, Red Rock Wilderness Store, and sole artist of Ely Art Company!  Included are a 4-pot assortment of delicious Gene Hicks Coffee in a basket with pine cones picked right next to Jasper Creek at Northwind Lodge!

You can’t get any more authentic than that!

Makes a wonderful, thoughtful gift drenched in real wilderness from, you guessed it; real wilderness at Northwind Lodge on Jasper Lake!

These will be available in limited numbers so order your Basket O’ Loon Mugs today while you can still get them.

loon mugs in a basket
Basket o’ Loons Gift Set from Northwind Lodge

 Cost is $69.95  with FREE SHIPPING!  Applicable tax is extra.

For this extra-special gift made in Ely, Minnesota, Order Online Hre

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