Fishing’s Fine at Northwind Lodge!

Boy, we’ve been having a GREAT summer this 2017!  Big fish, little fish, middle fish – everybody’s livin’ the dream!  We’ve been having all this fun despite the weather not really cooperating with us.  Lots of rain, but the fish remain undeterred as well as our great guests!    These are just June 2017 photo’s by our guests at Northwind Lodge!

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Art Painting Workshops for Summer

Learn the Basics of Painting with a Summer Art Painting Workshop at Northwind Lodge and Into The Brush!

Just imagine spending time outside looking at our beautiful wilderness and then coming back to the studio to paint what you saw.  Yes, you can do it!   It’s great fun and the best way to try your hand at painting in a relaxed, casual environment which also serves as your vacation as well!

Sign up now and give painting in our beautiful wilderness a try!  Bring your friends along!  Into The Brush will take you into the woods and on to the canvas back at the studio!

Plan #1:  One person attends the  Art Workshop and you either bring your spouse or a friend and they stay for free.  While you are at the classes they can go fishing, hiking, canoeing kayaking, or just sit and relax.

 $770 for a 4 night/5 day stay

*(3% lodging tax in not included with the price that would be extra)

Plan #2:  Two people attend the Art Workshop.  When not in class you can enjoy fishing, hiking, canoeing, kayaking or just sit and relax.

Regular $1265 for a 4 night/5 day stay

*(3% lodging tax in not included with the price that would be extra)

All materials and instruction provided.  Bring yourself and prepare to have fun learning something useful for your psyche!

Call 1-800-280-1078 to book your program!

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