Nurture Yourself in Nature with Sudha, August 2019

Nurture Yourself in Nature with Sudha, August 2019

“Feel new again in Ely, Minnesota’s outdoor recreation paradise
Vacations are about jumping out of what’s normal and into an adventure that makes us feel new again — and that’s what brings people back to Ely, Minnesota, year after year. This outdoor recreation paradise sits in one of the most beautiful places in North America, among unspoiled lakes and forests, atop a glacier-carved landscape filled with attractions from the quirky to the breathtakingly sublime — every one of them an opportunity to leave it all behind for the Ely experience.”

Relax, unwind and renew with Sudha Carolyn Lundeen at Northwind Lodge in Ely, Mn. Aug 17th through the 24th. Be nurtured and renewed by the beauty of the land and water of the BWCAW, daily yoga & meditation, hiking, paddling, Nature Crafts, Forest bathing, solo and quiet times. For more details contact Sudha at

Hosted by Elayna JoynYoga and Sudha Carolyn Lundeen

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