How to Eat a Northern Pike

How to Eat A Northern Pike Y Bone Picking 101 Instructor: Joe Baltich, C.N.P.E. Northwind Lodge – Come catch a northern and eat him right here! There’s absolutely no mystery in figuring out how to eat a northern pike fillet. Northern pike caught in cold water are delicious fish with more body and taste than […]

Birding With Lori at Northwind Lodge – Who Knew It Could Be So Much Fun!

As the summer winds down in the North Woods so does migratory bird watching. The Warblers are getting prepared for their southern decent to their winter home. As our group heads north from Illinois for our late summer fishing adventure, I may be fortunate enough to view a few birds before they are gone. Two […]

Northwind Lodge Activities

Hiking Trails: Canoe Day trips: These are both routes that take you through the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and require that you have a day permit (no charge & reservations needed). Metal cans and glass bottles are not allowed with the exceptions of fuel containers and personal toiletries. Plastic bottles are OK, but you […]

Exploring Wildflowers at Northwind Lodge

Plant Name Bloom Time Habitat Image Actaea rubra Red Baneberry May-Sept part shade, shade; woods   Actaea pachypoda White Baneberry May-Sept part shade, shade; rich wood   Adoxa moschatellina Moschatel-muskroot May-Sept part shade, shade; moist rich hardwood forest   Andromeda polifolia Bog Rosemary May-Sept part shade, sun; cedar/spruce bogs, sphagnum wetlands, acidic shores   Anemone […]