ely minn resort
Ely MN Resort – Northwind Lodge on the Fernberg Road

Custom Cabin Outfitting at Northwind Lodge

Getting ready for a trip takes time.  Sometimes, you don’t have a lot of time available but still would like to go.  So, we came up with a way to make that happen with Northwnd Lodge’s Custom Cabin Outfitting.  Choose a 4 day / 3 night plan or a 5 day/4 night plan.  All you do is fill out the menu we provide with the meals because meal planning is the big part.  Our Personal Shopper buys the food you want from the menu and puts it in your fridge.  You simply pack your bags, your bath towels and show up for your vacation. One boat and motor rental is included in this package and extra rentals are available.  Trip cost is based on the number of people in the group and for the 3 night or 4 night package.  We pack dinner for your check-in day, then all meals in between, and breakfast on your check-out day.  See Menu Listing Here

 # PPL  3 – Nite  4- Nite
 1  $680  855
 2  755  955
 3  875  1105
 4  995  1245
 5  1215  1390
 6  1235  1535

Note:  Taxes not included.
Sales Tax: 6.875% & local lodging tax: 3%

So, call today and book your Custom Cabin Outfitting trip.  You can select from the menu listing above and send it back to us.  You choose. We shop.  You stay (in your cabin and go fishing).  Well, you have to cook, too, and we picked several items that could be grilled on the cabin grills, but hey – would you rather spend time wandering around a grocery store making decisions or getting out on the water from your cabin in the woods?

Other Short Stay Adventures at Northwind Lodge

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