Art Painting Workshop Summer Booking Special

Learn the Basics of Painting with a Summer Art Painting Workshop at Northwind Lodge and Into The Brush!

Just imagine spending time outside looking at our beautiful wilderness and then coming back to the studio to paint what you saw.  Yes, you can do it!   It’s great fun and the best way to try your hand at painting in a relaxed, casual environment which also serves as your vacation as well!

Sign up now and give painting in our beautiful wilderness a try!  Bring your friends along!  Into The Brush will take you into the woods and on to the canvas back at the studio!

Plan #1:  One person attends the  Art Workshop and you either bring your spouse or a friend and they stay for free.  While you are at the classes they can go fishing, hiking, canoeing kayaking, or just sit and relax.

Regular $770 for a 4 nite/5 day stay  Now Only $599.00*

*(3% lodging tax in not included with the price that would be extra)

Plan #2:  Two people attend the Art Workshop.  When not in class you can enjoy fishing, hiking, canoeing, kayaking or just sit and relax.

Regular $1265 for a 4 nite/5 day stay  Now Only $799.00*

That would be only $399.50 each!

*(3% lodging tax in not included with the price that would be extra)

All materials and instruction provided.  Bring yourself and prepare to paint.

Call 1-800-280-1078 to book your program!

Read more about our exciting programming at 

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Cabin #4 Super Special!

Escape to Northern Minnesota this summer!  Northwind Lodge is your place for families & friends.

We’re offering  special rates for cabin rentals. Contact us today to book your vacation while you still can at these GREAT rates!  218-265-5489.

Limit Time Starting July 15th through July 22th

 Cabin #4

Weekly Rate $1029.00 (Reg $1199.00) for the first  2 people and $10 extra each additional person up to 4 total. 

Free Boat and Motor Included in the weekly rate a Value is $175.00


Nightly Rate $139.95 (Reg $197.00) for the first 2 people and $10 extra each additional person up to 4 total.

Free Boat and Motor is extra

The fish are biting, the water’s fine, the wilderness is clean!  Give us a call, now!

Only for new reservations starting July 8th 2017!

Ely’s 1st Boundary Waters Artfitter

You heard it right here,  folks!   Northwind Lodge is the first Boundary Waters Artfitter in the Ely, MN region.  Art lessons in the wilderness full of beautiful things waiting right here for you to enjoy?

You also get time to relax, fish, sit by the beach, and just be.  You and your friends can make a 6 day adventure an annual event.


Into The Brush Logo

Not only can you come up and stay at a really nice resort in housekeeping cabins near the Boundary Waters, you can enroll in the art program sponsored by Into The Brush right at Northwind Lodge!

When you take this “art vacation” at Northwind Lodge,  it is completely “artfitted” meaning that your art materials are all provided as well as a guide who takes you into the brush and helps you observe beautiful wild things artistically for a few hours.  Then, follow your guide back inside to the art studio where you learn to paint what you saw and get “into the brush”.  It’s tons of fun and when your adventure is complete, you will take home with you a new skill set and the confidence to get “into the brush” at home.  So, after being artfitted at Northwind Lodge, you can take home more than just some really great memories.  You take home exposure and skills.

How about this possibility?  You want to paint but your spouse is into fishing?  The way we structured our artfitting, you can take the program and the spouse can go out on this pretty lake we call Jasper in search of some really nice bass, bluegills, northern pike and walleyes.   It’s a win-win for you both!

Here’s are some of the things we paint:
Rock Paintings
Rock Paintings at Northwind Lodge
This is a moose on canvas.  We strive to
get you to this level but it may take a few tries.
Never give up!
Moose on canvas
You also will be painting on wood
and on glass:
Glass Painting at Ely's Artfitter Northwind Lodge
These are some examples of what you can expect to be doing with Into The Brush 6 day programs.  Don’t even think for a minute that you cannot do this and think of the fun you’ll have when you return home! Plenty of time to practice and perfect your technique!

So, why not give us a call and book your Art Vacation, right now?  1-800-280-1078.  You can also email us at

For reasonable rates that include all your gear and discounted cabin rates, Click Here