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The Good Old Days

We’re renaming the resort Winterfell.

Lasagna at 90 above

Sometimes, good cooking attracts bears.

Nice Fish from Jasper Lake – week of June 5

Fishing Fun at Northwind Lodge

It was a great summer and now we are heading into fall time at Northwind Lodge! Cooler days and early fall colors are making us a great place to “get outta Dodge”. Give us a call, come on up, and get on the water!

Bobcats Are Us at Northwind Lodge

I’ve always figured that they are silently watching us forever now. They never make themselves known. They never slip up to be discovered, especially in the summer with all the leaves and shadows hiding their subtle camoflage. Well, they do slip up once every… Continue Reading “Bobcats Are Us at Northwind Lodge”

Art Classes and Fishing! Social Distancing at Northwind Lodge

Painting and fishing. Who doesn’t like to have fun in the wilderness of northeast Minnesota?

Little Lake, Big Fish

Caught off of a boat dock at Northwind Lodge.

Happy 4th of July from Northwind Lodge


Let them know who is in charge of our country!

Social Distancing Guidelines at Northwind Lodge – Ely Minnesota

Social Distancing Guidelines – Ely MN – Northwind Lodge