Cabin Special Super Deals

Check out the cabin rental rates for  GREAT R & R below! Note:  The following prices are good for New Reservations.*

*Only new reservations for these special rates beginning 7/19/2019


Cabin #2: July 19th – 27th

Nightly Rate $189 Now $129 for the first 4 people. $10 a night extra per person up to 6 people and includes a Boat and Motor. 

Cabin #3: July 19th – August 3rd

Weekly Rate $999 Now $799 for 2 people and includes a Boat and Free Motor Value of $175.00. 

Nightly Rate $159 Now $109 for 2 people includes a Boat and Motor. 

Cabin #5: July 19th-27th

Weekly Rate $1019 Now $799 for the 2 people and includes a Boat and Free Motor Value of $175.00 

Nightly Rate $169 Now $119 for the 2 people and includes a Boat and Motor is extra. 

Cabin #8: July 19th – 27th

Nightly Rate $225 Now $159 for the first 4 people and includes a Boat and motor is extra.  $10 a night extra per person up to 8 people

2 night minimum is required for the above nightly rates

You have free use of kayaks, SUP’s, beach canoe and paddleboats.

After a fun day,

enjoy a campfire down at the lake.

Call Northwind Lodge NOW! 1-218-365-5489 for your reservation!

We are in and out this time of year.  Please leave a call-back number if we happen to miss you!

This special is good for only new reservations starting 7/19/2019

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Come dip your toe in the water!

We at Northwind Lodge want you to get your feet wet.  Just dunk one toe in the crystal clear water of Jasper Lake.  I mean, how long will that take?  Plus, in order to dip one toe in the water, you need to keep your balance.  How do you keep your balance?  You move slowly and deliberately.  You must plan your move and take your time.   That’s the proper way of getting your feet wet.

Now, imagine yourself taking your time, moving at your slower speed, enjoying the inviting gentle breeze that comes off the water.  There’s a loon calling off in the distance and a  river is running endlessly behind you, churning out that beautiful white noise as it tumbles into the lake where your toe is going to step.  You don’t hear the cars, you don’t hear the ever-present sounds of humanity as it normally surrounds you in your more hectic daily life.  You only hear the woods and the sounds here are so peaceful and different, your breathing slows down so you can hear some more.   It’s like a dessert that you never want to end and it doesn’t.  And so far, you only have your toe in the water.  It even gets better when you actually go on the water.  Then there is the night.  In the woods, with the clean air, you can see the billions of stars and planets above with unmatched clarity while the wolves howl in the darkness.

If you’ve never been to Northwind Lodge, we’ve put together a few “get your feet wet” packages for you to come and test the waters of Northwind Lodge.  You get a housekeeping cabin for two or three nights, a motor and boat, dinner at a nice restaurant for one evening in Ely all at special rates.  Click Here to see our Short Stay Cabin packages.  

So come up for a 2 night / 3 day or the 3 night / 4 day stay  at Northwind Lodge.  Go fishing, hang out at the beach, stay inside and read a good book, do whatever you want.  Get away from it all and take us for a test run.  If the shoe fits, we would be happy to have you come back and wear it some more!

Northwind Lodge is an awesome resort with many of our guests returning yearly for 30-50 consecutive years.   We hope you’ll like it here like they do.  Give us a call and let’s find a time and a cabin for you!  1-800-280-1078