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Normal day

Painting some, gut a deer, paint some more…

It’s the Year of Animals at Northwind Lodge – 2020 – Ely, MN

Bobcat at Northwind Lodge – curiosity worked out OK this time.

Art Classes and Fishing! Social Distancing at Northwind Lodge

Painting and fishing. Who doesn’t like to have fun in the wilderness of northeast Minnesota?

More Northwind Lodge Videos from May 1, 2020

Videos on how to social distance at Northwind Lodge.

Into The Brush – Painting & Wilderness

If you don’t visit the wilderness and tell people about it, it will fade away for good. Bring your ambition and we’ll help you record it on canvas!

Into The Brush – I believe you CAN!

I believe that everybody can paint. With the will to try and a little bit of guidance, you can make art!

Into The Brush – How I Started Painting

It all started with painting a simple rock

Into the Brush – Program Goal

Saving the Wilderness by Using it as Inspiration for Art