Cabin Amenities

Northwind Lodge cabins are housekeeping which means they come equipped with:

  • kitchens with a gas range, electric refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, toaster
  • basic cooking and eating utensils/dishes/pots/pans, kitchen towels & soap (if you would like an espresso machine, please bring one along)
  • beds with all linens, pillows, blankets (if you have a fav pillow, please bring it along)
  • hot and cold running water. (in plumbing, not all over the floor)
  • shower, flush toilet, and lavatory


Rental Equipment Available* (Calendar Day Basis)

Outboard Motors – 5 HP Honda 4-stroke (includes marine gas up to 5 gallons): $35/day $190/week
9.8 HP – 15 HP outboards (includes marine gas up to 5 gallons): $45/day $270/week
Electric Motor with Battery – $20/day $140/week

Kevlar Canoes – Souris River Quetico 17** (43 lbs): $50/day $300/week
Souris River Quetico 18.5** (52 lbs): 3-Man $60/day $350/week

Aluminum Canoes** – 17′ Grumman/Alumacraft (64 lbs): $25/day $140/week
**foam block carry kits provided as needed with each canoe rental so you may transport it anywhere

Extra Jasper Lake Boat (when available): $25/day $150/week

*MN State Sales Tax of 6.875% will be charged additionally and there is a 4% local lodging tax. Tax total is 10.875% on all cabin stays.

Credit card surcharge of 3% is applied for credit card use. Personal checks and cash are welcomed.

For Cabin Availability CLICK HERE

FREE Beach Toys: The kayaks, paddleboats, SUP’s & beach canoes (over by the kayaks) along with all the paddles are available on a first-come basis for our lodge guests. Please do not drag the kayaks to the water. Please carry them. When through having fun, please do not leave these watercraft floating and walk away. Please return to the pile. Life jackets worn while using these watercraft, is mandatory. Life Jackets are provided for our cabin guests at no extra charge.

Visiting Guests: With our pleasant, easy-going setting and ample toys at our beach, Northwind Lodge ends up being a natural attractant to other, non-registered guests who may be in visiting Northwind Lodge cabin rental guests coming in from other resorts. Non-registered guests may use Northwind Lodge beach toys for $25 per person depending on availability. Please notify the front desk of visiting non-registered day-guests so we don’t come looking.
Deposit Information

Guest Reservations (for current season)
Cabin deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable in the event of cancellation (unless we can re-book the cancelled cabin). However, we can certainly try to move your week(s) around during the current summer if you have any scheduling difficulty. $300 deposit required per cabin and is payable at the time of reservation.

Policy 1: A $300.00 deposit for cabins will become non-refundable in the event of a cancellation for any reason (if the cancelled cabin gets re-booked by another party, a deposit refund less a $50 administrative fee will be issued).

Policy 2: While we will no longer issue refunds for cabin reservation deposits, it is absolutely acceptable to move your reservation to another time within the same deposit-assigned season. Deposits made for the current year are no longer transferable to future years in the event of a cancellation; they are forfeited. A new deposit is then required to book a future year reservation.

While we prefer to keep things casual and dislike firm policies, it is in the best interest of our guests that we stay consistent and professional. Times and events change, and Northwind Lodge must adapt in a way that keeps us operational. We plan to stick around for the long haul, maintaining this resort as your favorite “home away from home” for many years to come!

Here’s to your good health, and we look forward to your coming up this summer!

Joe & Annette Baltich

Northwind Lodge

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