Northwind Lodge is a family owned/operated summer vacation resort near Ely, Minnesota and has been operated by the Baltich family since the year the first cabin was build in 1939 by grandparents Frank & Mary Baltich.  Then Joe (Sr.) & Paula Baltich took the reins, and currently Joe (Jr.) & Annette Baltich are at the helm.

That is over 70 years of continuous operation on the same piece of land on the southern shore of Jasper Lake in northeastern Minnesota.  This longtime Ely resort has endured world wars, hard economic times, terrible storms, droughts, high taxes, and the BWCA law mandates that flipped Ely on it’s head.  The Baltich family has adapted and changed and remodeled and reshaped for years upon years.  Unlike many, many other resorts in the Ely area, we are still here and remain serving our highly-regarded cabin guests many of whom have been staying at Northwind Lodge for 30 to 50+ years.  Like all Mom & Pop MInnesota resorts, we take a lot of pride in knowing our guests from the great grandparents down to the great grandkids plus all the cousins and friends.   We don’t view our Ely-area resort as simply another business in Minnesota.  Owning a Minnesota resort is a way of life.  Unfortunately, there are less and less of Mom & Pop resorts each season, but the Baltich’s and this Ely MN resort are still here.

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