WIFI – Cell Service

Free WIFI is available for registered Northwind Lodge guests.  We now have WIFI in the cabins so our guests never have to leave the cabin for their entire stay.  This allows one to be completely attached to the digital world and affords our guests  with the opportunity to avoid ever setting foot outside the cabin to see/experience our spectacular natural world.  We’ve heard that there are stunning pictures and videos of the wilderness on Youtube and with the WIFI at Northwind Lodge, you never have to actually get any of “it” on you.

It remains our recommendation that all people under the age of 30  have their electronics removed and locked away for the entire week, but it is up to our guests to decide what they want to do.  Afterall, HD videos are almost better than the real thing and much less risky – no bugs.   Plus, you don’t have to feel that pesky wind on your face or smell the fresh air.

Cell Service is available from AT& T at the center of Jasper Lake out in front of our docks about 200 yards, or at the beginning of our driveway up at the Fernberg road.   Due to terrain, cell service is spotty at best amongst the cabins. You can always contact the outside via the free phone service available in Google’s Gmail.  Set up a Gmail account and call through your laptop with ease.  Calling over the internet is also available on Apple’s Iphone 6 and possibly some tablets with apps to do this.  Verizon users can make contact by the Wood Lake portage or a bit closer to Ely – about 2.5 to 7 miles from Northwind Lodge towards Ely.  Texting over the internet from your cabin is also another option.

If all else fails, you may come to the store and make a phone call out on our business line.  A telephone is a device that one dials the number via buttons and  then holds up to one’s ear to speak and listen to the person on the other end.  It works quite well.  If you need to provide emergency contact information to someone back home, our number is 218-365-5489.  This is the Northwind Lodge direct line.  We’d prefer not to be receiving calls from back home at 2 AM with someone wanting to “shoot the bull” or “profess their love” for one of our lodge guests – both of which have actually happened in past calls.  Emergencies, problems that need tending to, and the like, are understandable and acceptable.

Northwind Lodge will not be held responsible if the internet is down or cell phones don’t work.  If you are not having chest pains or bleeding, you will need to distract yourself by going outside to play in the event that WIFI is not working.  Smell the trees, squint in the sun, listen to the loons,  watch the lightning (that took everything out) go by, hopefully.  When the net comes back, you can resume locking yourself in your cabin at that time because we know that nobody ever is on the net back home.

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