Motor & Boat Rentals/Bring your own


Rental Equipment Rates at Northwind Lodge

All rates are based on a “per calendar day” basis which means that whether you rent today at 8:00 AM or 2:00 PM or 5:37PM, the rate charged will be a full day’s rate. At day’s end (dark), that rental is over. Tomorrow morning is the beginning of a new calendar day. Rentals are not 24 hour rentals.

5 HP Motor $35 $175
9.8-15 HP $45 $270
Elec. Motor $20 $120
Alum. Canoe $20 $95
Kevlar Canoe 17′ $35 $199
Kevlar Canoe 18.5′ $40 $229

Cabin Boats:  Your cabin comes with an aluminum boat for the two mid-summer month rental period.  Spring and late fall, boats need to be rented additionally.  You may elect to trade your boat to an aluminum canoe for no charge.   We will also provide you with car-topping gear so you can haul your canoe anywhere on your vehicle. (The switch is for the week – sorry, alternating between the boat and canoe is not an option)

Private Boat Launch:  You are welcome to bring your own boat.  We charge a one-time launch fee of $25 and will find you dock space if available.  Be aware that you will be launch on a sand beach and not a concrete boat launch.  A really big boat (over 18′) may have some issues depending on your towing vehicle.   Many of our guests  bring along an extra boat, leave it trailered and use it to visit neighboring lakes.

Canoe/Kevlar Upgrade:  If you prefer, you may trade your cabin’s boat for an aluminum canoe and  then upgrade to a kevlar canoe for $120/150 per (17’/18.5′) week extra.  This option applies to one canoe and would be good for the week-long trade of the boat for a canoe.  Additional canoes could be rented at the prices in the table above depending on availability.  We are canoe trip outfitters and during high demand times can run out of kevlar canoes.  If you know you are going to need a canoe at that time, please reserve them in advance so we make sure we have one for you.

You Need to Know:  Permits and Restrictions for Outboards on some of the BWCA Lakes (not Jasper): We are surrounded by the Boundary Waters Canoe Area which is a federally designated wilderness area. While our lake Jasper has no motor restrictions, all the large waters near us (Snowbank, Moose, Fall) are limited to motor restrictions of 25 HP or less AND a special motor use permit is required to access these waters with outboard motors.  Securing permits for these large lakes is not easy as they are very limited in numbers. Generally, if you don’t make your permit reservation for a BWCA day-use motor permit in February, you won’t be able to acquire a day-use motor permit when you arrive. Remember, these are federal laws, not our rules and they do not apply to our lake Jasper Lake.

Bringing your own canoe or kayak? Feel free to bring it. You will also be able to use it anywhere in the BWCA at any entry point as well as on Jasper Lake. You will need to write yourself a permit at each entry point you visit. There is no charge and motorless access is unrestricted.

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