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Take a class with family & friends!

You might like to learn how to paint and now is your chance!  An Into The Brush painting class will do just that for ages 10 and up.  Come on out to Northwind Lodge and learn the basics of painting in acrylic paints on user-friendly Lake Superior rocks!

This is a basic class where we will be learning how to properly use paints and brushes.  At the end of the class, participants should have a painted 5 x 7 canvas board,  some simple brush handling skills and enough experience to walk into an art supply store and buy what they need to continue on with this great pastime back home.  (Or, you can just come paint because it’s fun.)

Note that anyone who does not do a great job on their first try will be made to stand in front of the class to be scoffed at.  (Kidding – there will be no scoffing, but maybe an errant guffaw or a giggle.)

Beginner Friendly!  95% of all class participants have never painted anything more difficult than a wall.  The vast majority of new painters here have never touched a tiny paintbrush before this class.

We provide all the painting materials needed for the class while you experience a relaxing and fun time out with friends and family.

Class Times:  We’re very flexible – Talk to Joe or Jackie to set up an available time. We generally do not have mixed classes with unrelated individuals.  We mostly teach one related group at a time due to our flexibility in scheduling.  Call us to set up a time OR you can decide when you are here as well.  

$35.00 per person per class for 2 or more people.  Individual lessons are $60 and we do those all the time as well.  We don’t paint any nudes, or in the nude.  That’s out of Joe’s comfort zone.  Please wear clothing. 

Reservations are required.

See Images below of what a class can look like.


Obviously, we have more women than men painting, but these are only a handful of photos from 2021 to 2022. Men have a nice time as well. Come round out your vacation this season with a fun art lesson! Also note – you do not have to be a guest at Northwind Lodge to participate! Coming in from Ely or an area resort? WELCOME! Painting class knows no bounds! 218-365-5244

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